Different Kinds of Fundraising — Fundraising @ Camp #12

Different Kinds of Fundraising — Fundraising @ Camp #12

Success builds on success

Heather, Joe, and Travis discuss the various types of fundraising that an organization may do in a typical year describing the usual asks, planned giving, and how to get more grandparents donating to camp. Heather and Joe kick off this week’s episode by sharing what they have found to be the trickiest areas of camp to fundraise for.

Tune in for all this and more pro-tips on this episode of Fundraising @ Camp.

Tune in for this episode of Fundraising @ Camp where the hosts remind you to remember the fun of fundraising.

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This Episode’s Fundraising Tool — Make yourself a better camp fundraiser!

Heather: The Foundation Center Online Directory

Joe: Online auction site HiBid

Travis: An easy example of a call to action on Twitter

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