Interview with Robynne Howard — Fundraising @ Camp #11

Consider what generation your donor is when making an ask.

Classifying Your Donor Data Info in Your Database — Fundraising @ Camp #10

The cleaner your data is, the more useful it is.

The Ethics of Fundraising — Fundraising @ Camp #9

Say it again for those in the back: Money moves the mission

Asking: What Can Go Wrong — Fundraising @ Camp #7

What do you do when the ask isn’t going as planned?

Special Event Fundraisers — Fundraising @ Camp #6

Special event fundraisers are about more than raising money.

Thanking Donors — Fundraising @ Camp #3

A well thought out plan for thanking donors makes a world of difference.

Back to the Basics — Fundraising @ Camp #2

Do your research. Ask and then sit in silence. What basics do you need to practice before making an ask?

The Cycle of Fundraising…at Camp! — Fundraising @ Camp #1

Ask -> Thank -> Report -> Repeat. Here’s how to do this right for your camp.

Join hosts Heather Withrow, Joe Richards and Travis Allison every two weeks to get the insider knowledge on one of the most important, but least trained skills of Camp Directors and Executive Directors around the world.

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Go Camp Pro exists to be the BEST possible resource to the camp community so that they can help make summer camp a priority for EVERY family.

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